Mystic Dreams Transports Players Back In Time

Mystic Dreams, the newest video slot game in the popular Microgaming catalogue, is a Native American themed game of excitement and change, and can be enjoyed by players of all age levels and skillsets. Mystic Dreams includes 243 unique ways to win, ensuring that all of those players will be coming back for more!

Mystic Dreams

Mystic Dreams is a casino style, video slot game played on a beautiful background of icy tundras and sprawling American wilderness, but when a player lands three or more Totem Pole symbols on a spin, the background will switch to a peaceful starry, moonlit scene. With so many features and ways to win and two colorfully detailed backgrounds, Mystic Dreams offers an exciting game play experience every time.

Mystic Dreams2

The classic, fast paced style of play video slot game fans are used to is featured heavily in Mystic Dreams, but with an all new twist. A player can win 10, 15 or even 20 free spins in a single turn. In the past, players had a great time with Microgaming Free Spin style of slot games, and the renowned Free Spin multiplier feature pioneered by Microgaming has been even more popular. But with Mystic Dreams, a whole new assortment of Wild multipliers have been added to the Free Spin feature, generating an even more exciting type of game play experience.

If the video slot games you have been playing have seemed to slow for you, Mystic Dreams is where you need to be. Travel back in time to the days of an older America and enjoy Mystic Dreams.

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Bust the Bank Offers High-Paying Cartoon Mayhem

Bust the BankJoin robbers Larry and Bob as they attempt to bust the bank in this light-hearted new title from the Microgaming platform. As in any heist tale, the rule in Bust the Bank is to expect the unexpected. This title is packed with bonus opportunities, which you can uncover as you attempt to assist Larry and Bob in their goal of relieving the bank of all its cash.

This 5 reel, 243 ways to win slots title features tons of colorful cartoon characters in its slots symbols. Bust the Bank2There’s the imposing bank façade, an armored car, a cop car, an angry security guard, and a vicious guard dog on the side of law and order. Then you have robbers Larry and Bob, each toting a sack of cash, and various bank-robbing tools to help you retrieve your plunder.

One of the most effective tools is the Scatter Bomb symbol. Match 3, 4, or 5 of these cartoon bombs to trigger 8 Free Spins and earn lots of extra coins. During the Free Spins, reels 1 and 5 are Wild. You can earn an extra Free Spin if the Scatter Bomb reappears.Bust the Bank3

Also be on the lookout for the Piggy Bank symbol, which triggers a bonus feature called Piggy Bank Smash when it appears on the center reel. Just click the piggy bank to smash it open and receive your coins. The Safe symbol is also a big payer, because it will shower you with coins whenever it lands on reel 1 or reel 5.

Bust the Bank allows you to bet big or stick to a budget and still enjoy a fast-paced game with tons of action. The max bet is 300, and the minimum bet is just 0.30. This means you can reap rewards of up to 82,000 in the base game and 135,000 on the Free Spins.

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European Redeal Blackjack – Brand NEW in April 2013!

Why increasing your chances of Blackjack success really is a big Redeal!

If you have played Blackjack before then you will no doubt know that undeniably flat feeling you get when you are dealt a disappointing selection of cards, while the dealer sits with an ace as their show card. It is natural at this point to wish you could just hit a button and change the dealers cards, or your own, to hopefully a better hand that gives you more chance of a win.

Well now with European Redeal Blackjack from Microgaming hitting the casinos, you can do precisely that!

Each time you play European Redeal Blackjack, you are given five chances to redeal either the dealers hand, your own hand, or the last card you were dealt for a small cost. In addition, some particularly unfavourable combinations of cards are re-dealt by the software automatically! All at no additional cost to the player!

This 2-deck game still includes options like the chance to Split and Double Down and both the player and dealer must stand if their pocket cards total 17 or more.

In each session, you can elect to use the Redeal feature up to five times, meaning that you can drastically improve your chances of winning these hands and doubling your stake, with shrewd use of the button and a little luck!

The game is a worthy new addition to the popular Casino Gold series of games and with its superb graphics, smooth gameplay and opulent creatives, it is a game that looks as good as it plays.

So why play a game of blackjack where you are only allowed to play with the hands you’ve originally been dealt when you can improve your chances of success playing European Redeal Blackjack?

More new Online Casino Games: Girls with Guns – Jungle Heat

Why Girls with Guns Jungle Heat is a real Blast under Online Casino Games!

Are you tired of playing the same old video slots recently? Are you looking for a new game that is not just great fun to play, offers plenty of chances to win but also looks fantastic and has an appealing new theme? Then from the 6th March 2013, your wait is over, as Girls with Guns Jungle Heat will hit selected online casinos!

girls with guns

This fantastic new slot is based on a crack team of female soldiers aiming to bring down the Kingpin Hector at his jungle camp. You join these feisty ladies as they fight their way to meet their nemesis, hopefully landing you a nice cash bonus as you continue to play.

The game boasts true HD quality graphics, which are viewable on any 1080p compatible monitor and addictive gameplay which features a high number of Girls with Guns Wild symbols, which increase the players chances of hitting a winning combination on every spin!

In addition, if you hit the Group Shot symbol on reel 3, you turn every symbol (bar the scatter) wild! Increasing your chances of success even further!

Hit three scatter icons on any spin and you’ll also be taken into the free spins feature where you can really max out your load out and try to earn yourself as much money as possible from each free spin (and best of all, this free spin feature is can be retriggered!).

So slap on some camouflage, pick up your gun and head into the balmy jungle with the Girls with Guns and who knows, you may be targeting a big win come the end of play in this gem of Online Casino Games!

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Jason and the Golden Fleece – The 2nd of two brand new Online Casino Games!

Hit the bonus and be a hero when playing the Jason and the Golden Fleece Video Slot!

The story of Jason and the Argonauts is one of the epic Greek legends. While Jason endured many exciting adventures with his crew, it is undeniable that it was his quest to retrieve the legendary Golden Fleece that is the most popular in this Online Casino Games.

Now, you can play your part in this legend of Greek mythology’s ancient quest by playing the Jason and the Golden Fleece video slot!

This is a 5-reel video slot that offers up to an incredible 243 ways to win on each spin. The slot follows the story of Jason on his quest to inherit the throne he was denied, by claiming the majestic Golden Fleece.

Unlike most slots, where players can unlock all bonuses at any point in the game, in this game, a player must complete one bonus, before they unlock the next, with each bonus taking on part of Jason’s mythical quest to locate his glittering prize.

Jason2As such, this game has hugely involving game play with a vast number of different features including wild symbols, bonus trigger symbols, multiplier symbols, features (free spins and trail bonuses) as well as several in game free games to keep the action ticking over!

The shield bonus for example, allows players to pick from six shields to find hidden rewards, the Harpy bonus sees players play a matching game with 17 harpies until they find a pair, with the chance to double their winnings if they hit a bonus.

The player has to complete several other bonuses, increasing their winnings, before they reach Colchis and attempt to find the magic potion strong enough to put the fire-breathing dragon to sleep and allow them to claim the fleece and all its bountiful rewards! Not many Online Casino Games offer storylines like this.

So why not give Jason and the Golden Fleece a try this February, it’s send you on an epic quest, with untold riches awaiting the victorious!

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