Why increasing your chances of Blackjack success really is a big Redeal!

If you have played Blackjack before then you will no doubt know that undeniably flat feeling you get when you are dealt a disappointing selection of cards, while the dealer sits with an ace as their show card. It is natural at this point to wish you could just hit a button and change the dealers cards, or your own, to hopefully a better hand that gives you more chance of a win.

Well now with European Redeal Blackjack from Microgaming hitting the casinos, you can do precisely that!

Each time you play European Redeal Blackjack, you are given five chances to redeal either the dealers hand, your own hand, or the last card you were dealt for a small cost. In addition, some particularly unfavourable combinations of cards are re-dealt by the software automatically! All at no additional cost to the player!

This 2-deck game still includes options like the chance to Split and Double Down and both the player and dealer must stand if their pocket cards total 17 or more.

In each session, you can elect to use the Redeal feature up to five times, meaning that you can drastically improve your chances of winning these hands and doubling your stake, with shrewd use of the button and a little luck!

The game is a worthy new addition to the popular Casino Gold series of games and with its superb graphics, smooth gameplay and opulent creatives, it is a game that looks as good as it plays.

So why play a game of blackjack where you are only allowed to play with the hands you’ve originally been dealt when you can improve your chances of success playing European Redeal Blackjack?

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