Hit the bonus and be a hero when playing the Jason and the Golden Fleece Video Slot!

The story of Jason and the Argonauts is one of the epic Greek legends. While Jason endured many exciting adventures with his crew, it is undeniable that it was his quest to retrieve the legendary Golden Fleece that is the most popular in this Online Casino Games.

Now, you can play your part in this legend of Greek mythology’s ancient quest by playing the Jason and the Golden Fleece video slot!

This is a 5-reel video slot that offers up to an incredible 243 ways to win on each spin. The slot follows the story of Jason on his quest to inherit the throne he was denied, by claiming the majestic Golden Fleece.

Unlike most slots, where players can unlock all bonuses at any point in the game, in this game, a player must complete one bonus, before they unlock the next, with each bonus taking on part of Jason’s mythical quest to locate his glittering prize.

Jason2As such, this game has hugely involving game play with a vast number of different features including wild symbols, bonus trigger symbols, multiplier symbols, features (free spins and trail bonuses) as well as several in game free games to keep the action ticking over!

The shield bonus for example, allows players to pick from six shields to find hidden rewards, the Harpy bonus sees players play a matching game with 17 harpies until they find a pair, with the chance to double their winnings if they hit a bonus.

The player has to complete several other bonuses, increasing their winnings, before they reach Colchis and attempt to find the magic potion strong enough to put the fire-breathing dragon to sleep and allow them to claim the fleece and all its bountiful rewards! Not many Online Casino Games offer storylines like this.

So why not give Jason and the Golden Fleece a try this February, it’s send you on an epic quest, with untold riches awaiting the victorious!

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