Gamble Responsibly

Gambling can be a relaxing leisure, but for the players who lose control over their gambling habits, it can also become a problem. To ensure that you don’t acquire a gambling problem, keep in mind these simple principles of responsible gambling:

  • Regardless of temptation, always adhere to your predetermined spending limit.
  • Resist the wish to recoup your losses, as they could easily increase further and spiral out of control.
  • Taking short breaks while you are winning is a good way to keep thinking calmly. Decide on the best time to stop to ensure that you end the game as a winner.
  • Always keep an eye on the clock. If you are gambling too often or too long, this could be a sign that you have a problem.
  • Never expect that gambling will make you rich or pay off your debts.
  • Gambling is a game of chance: various strategies and formulas will not make you a sure winner.

Whenever you feel that your gambling is becoming a problem, please seek adequate help. For online advices and support on problem gambling, we recommend the National Council on Problem Gambling and Gamblers Anonymous.

National Council on Problem Gambling also offers a very practical self-assessment survey that will help you determine if you have a problem or not.


Procedures for Self-exclusion

To help players regain control over their gambling problems, most online casinos featured on UK Casino Games Online offer procedures for self-exclusion. With these procedures, you have the choice to demand a restricted access to the casino(s) of your choice. The restriction can span anywhere from weeks to months, depending on the options offered by online casinos in question.


Casino Limitations and Minor Policy

Casino play at online casinos featured on UK Casino Games Online is available only to persons residing in the jurisdictions where online gambling is legal. Online gambling is only available to persons older than 18 years of age, who have also reached an age of majority in their own jurisdictions. To ensure that gambling is prohibited to minors, our partner casinos reserve the right to demand a proof of age at any time. All casino play by ineligible persons will be voided.

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