Introduction to Roulette

There is something almost hypnotic in observing the ball run around the spun Roulette wheel before it lands in one of the pockets. One of the most interesting casino games, Roulette draws its origins from 18th century France, but today it is a classic game played widely in land-based and online casinos around the world.

The Roulette has faced various changes as time went by, but today we have two main types of Roulette: European and American. In European Roulette, the wheel contains 37 ball pockets (one of them being Zero); in American Roulette, there is an additional pocket (a Double Zero), making for a total of 38 ball pockets. The main consequence of these differences is a higher house edge in American Roulette, which is why European version remains the more popular one in online casinos – where players can choose the game regardless of their geography.

The goal of Roulette is to predict the landing pocket of the ball. Of course, chances to actually guess the exact pocket are small, which is why the most popular bets are those with the smallest house edge, such as colour bets (Red or Black), Even or Odd bets, and 1-18 or 19-37 bets. Still, experienced players also enjoy placing their chips on riskier bets which in turn bring greater profits.

There are several betting systems used with Roulette. Some popular betting systems rely on progressive betting, while others focus on the attempt to ride the winning colour streaks. Although none of them is reliable enough to guarantee a real advantage, these systems are still useful – the wise use of strategies often gives players better chances than blind luck only. With that, it’s no wonder that for some players, Roulette is a “little wheel” that paves the way for a big win!

Casino Action

Two hot new slots that could hit you a jackpot this summer!

If you are looking for a couple of top slots to play this summer then we’d recommend taking a trip to one of the many Microgaming casinos available online and take a look at two of their most recently released slots; Wild Catch and Sweet Harvest video slots.

wild catchThe Wild Catch video slot is set in the realm of big game fishing with the aim of landing yourself nice cash wins instead of a huge Marlin or Sailfish. This brand new 5-reel slot has 243 ways to win and has been designed in a similar style to Australian slots, making it a neat new experience for many slot fans from other parts of the world.

Big features of Wild Catch include two fabulous Free Games, Scatter Feature and Wild Feature, both of which give the user a chance to win up to 50,000 coins on each spin and both of which are accessible from the base game, which is jam packed full with piscatorial features and symbols.

The Sweet Harvest slot is based on the land and is a celebration of the end of summer harvest, making it an ideal time to be released. The game features some of the most iconic images of harvest time, plump pumpkins, ripe sweet corn, baskets of fruit and much more.

The game itself features its own extensive Free Spins section when you can earn up to a whopping 400,000 coins and double any of your winnings if you manage to land the games two sweethearts, the farm boy and his girl, next to each other on adjoining reels.

Both games come jam-packed full of Wilds (including Stacked Wilds), random cash bonuses, Scatter symbols and more to ensure players have more chance of landing a winning combo.

So whether you fancy harvesting the sweet bounty of the land, or the sea, there’s a Microgaming slot available for you to play this summer!

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Vegas Craps – Shooting the dice online has never been this much fun!

It’s very easy to get into a routine when you join and start playing at an online casino. Whether you are a blackjack fan, a slot demon or someone who prefers the simple allure of keno or scratchcards, many people join a casino and only tend to play one or two types of games. This is a pity as often you miss some classic casino action, such as the fantastic new Vegas Craps game from Microgaming.

As the name suggests, Vegas Craps is based on the famous dice game of the same name. This is the same game you famously saw Chandler and Monica play in an episode of the TV Sitcom Friends and it is one of the few casino games where crowd participation is welcome!

crapsWhat Microgaming has managed to do is capture the essence of a real world game of craps and translate this onto the PC screen. The game is fast, fluid and can be played as quickly or as slowly as the player likes. Animation is smooth and the graphics beautifully realised.

You can play the game as cheaply or expensively as you like, with bets ranging from just 1 credit to 100 credits. Furthermore, placing your bets is simple too, just select your bet from the table, place your chip on it and click on Roll!

Microgaming have not just updated the technical niceties of the game either, they’ve improved the betting so that players have more options on each roll of the dice and 5% commission is now only paid on winnings. There are a wider range of bets ranging from even money shots, right up to the outsider bets of 30/1.

But best of all, Vegas Craps is fast, frantic fun, just like the real thing should be.

All you need to do is pick up the dice and roll!

Playboy Video Slot

These ladies are curvy, foxy and sensual, and they are waiting for you. Is this your lucky night? Find out in Playboy, a brand new Australian style video slot made by Micrograming.

At a first glance a classic video slot with 5 reels and 243 Ways to Win, Playboy actually hides several fantastic surprises for patient players. And yes, this all ties in with the sexy ladies who hold the keys to the best bonuses in this game.

Feeling intrigued? To gain entrance into the prestigious Playboy Club Bonus, the players need to land 3 or more Scatter symbols – depicted as Playboy magazines. As you keep triggering the Bonuses throughout the gambling session, you will be led into the Club Bonus by Kimi, Sofia, Ashley and Jillian, respectively.

playboy 2Each of these ladies knows different tricks, and thanks to that, Club Bonuses will differ, becoming more and more exciting and rewarding as you keep playing! Expect Multipliers, Running WildsTM, Rolling ReelsTM and a Wild Night feature – Playboy is a video slot that actively prevents its players from getting bored even after hours of betting. The Microgaming trademark bonuses include a surprising amount of stacked Wilds, glittery Wild Reels, and other functions that will bring you closer to the Jackpot.

Outside of these special bonuses, Wilds – illustrated with a Playboy logo – are the ultimate lucky symbols, substituting for any other symbol except for Scatter, and doubling the win. The Jackpot can reach up to 1,215,000 coins, something that might definitely make you feel like a real playboy!

In the meantime, you can enjoy in the virtual lifestyle full of scantily dressed babes, fast cars and expensive accessories, all of which are beautifully illustrated in the Playboy video slot.

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How about a new fairytale for June? Check out the new Jack & Jill Slot!

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Test your luck with Jack & Jill – the new entertaining video slot and the latest addition to Microgaming’s Rhyming Reels series.

With 5 reels and 20 paylines, at its base this video slot runs on a familiar engine. This makes it ideal for experienced players, who will feel comfortable with Jack & Jill from the first spin. With its adjustable betting ranges, Jack & Jill aims to entertain deep gamblers as well as those of more modest means. Each payline supports bets from 0.01 to 0.10, making 20.00 a maximum bet. Jack and Jill

Now that we have laid out the basics, let’s say a few words about the story behind the spins. For those unacquainted with the titular nursery rhyme, this is a tale of Jack and Jill, who climb the hill to fetch some water, only to have Jack fall down and bump his head. Thanks to the first aid kit, it all ends well! The video slot also adds a provocative twist to the familiar tale, as our protagonists lose a few pieces of clothes in the progress… Sounds fun, right?

Still, no video slot would be complete without the awards. In Jack & Jill, there are several ways to get your Jackpot increased. Bucket symbols are Scatters and work as triggers for 15 Free Spins (when 3 or more Scatters are on screen). This unlocks big win potentials in Jack & Jill, since the Free Spin feature comes packed with a 4x multiplier.

Jack and Jill2

However, multipliers can be encountered in the main game as well. Each Wild symbol in your payline adds a 2x multiplier. Getting 5 Wild symbols in a line will effectively add up to make the incredible 10x multiplier!

While Rhyming Reels – Jack & Jill knows how to get things wild, it also appreciates tender moments: adjacent Jack and Jill symbols will award you with Mixed Pay. All in all, this video slot promises a lot of fun to its players!