It’s very easy to get into a routine when you join and start playing at an online casino. Whether you are a blackjack fan, a slot demon or someone who prefers the simple allure of keno or scratchcards, many people join a casino and only tend to play one or two types of games. This is a pity as often you miss some classic casino action, such as the fantastic new Vegas Craps game from Microgaming.

As the name suggests, Vegas Craps is based on the famous dice game of the same name. This is the same game you famously saw Chandler and Monica play in an episode of the TV Sitcom Friends and it is one of the few casino games where crowd participation is welcome!

crapsWhat Microgaming has managed to do is capture the essence of a real world game of craps and translate this onto the PC screen. The game is fast, fluid and can be played as quickly or as slowly as the player likes. Animation is smooth and the graphics beautifully realised.

You can play the game as cheaply or expensively as you like, with bets ranging from just 1 credit to 100 credits. Furthermore, placing your bets is simple too, just select your bet from the table, place your chip on it and click on Roll!

Microgaming have not just updated the technical niceties of the game either, they’ve improved the betting so that players have more options on each roll of the dice and 5% commission is now only paid on winnings. There are a wider range of bets ranging from even money shots, right up to the outsider bets of 30/1.

But best of all, Vegas Craps is fast, frantic fun, just like the real thing should be.

All you need to do is pick up the dice and roll!

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