Microgaming has announced its slot game based on the worldwide hit, Terminator 2, and fans are waiting for the release with bated breath. With some fabulous graphics, taken from the actual movie , this game is absolutely thrilling to try out. It is closely mirroring the actual sci-fi movie in the reels, which offers 243 ways to win. With realistic animation and some great technology to mirror the cult movie series, this is one action packed reel game to watch out for. Terminator 2 brings to you some explosive action in slot gaming, as each reel brings back to you the titanic battle that made this movie series a huge hit.

With all of the main characters from the thrilling movie back to entertain with this blockbuster of a reel game, bonus rounds and winning streaks, with footage that has been an iconic part of the film. The soundtrack for the reel game has been specially composed to bridge the movie and the game and it is going to draw in the players even deeper into the sequential action packed reel game. Once again, the whole game is a show stealer with the iconic character, T-800. As the reels spin in the T-800 vision feature, the player is the Terminator, seeing things as the terminator would, with data appearing in a red screen overlay.

Each symbol of characters in the game, reveals a reward, the highest reward is linked to the T-1000 symbol. There are also free spins which may be triggered when playing the bonus round, here you will find additional 781 ways to win, with T-1000 being the symbol that changes the whole game. This liquid metal machine can seamlessly become any symbol in the reel, making it possible to get this highest wins in the game. See you soon, or as they say in the movie, Hasta La Vista Baby!

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