Dr Seuss may have first told us all about The Cat in the Hat, but that famous story now pales into insignificance compared to the brand new slot from Microgaming. The cat has now gone and in its place has appeared the fantastic Rabbit in the Hat slot!

This brand new 5×3 slot will hit UK casinos in April and promises to bring a whole new look to how the base game is played and how you access the many different features of the slot. Tired of waiting to hit three scatter symbols to access the free spins? Well the Rabbit in the Hat conjures up a new and creative way to hit the bigger money prizes.

The way this is achieved is via a Magic Hat, or rather four different magic hats, each of which offers players a potential bonus.

On every spin, there is a one in five chance of a magician appearing and conjuring up a magic hat which will then appear above reel 5. One each subsequent spin, it will move across the reels from right to left, before finally appearing above reel 1.

There are four different hats that can be conjured up: A Wild Reel hat which turns up to three reels wild, a Free Spins hat which triggers 10 free spins, a Cash Hat which sees the player awarded a random cash prize and a Mystery Hat which randomly assigns one of the other three prizes to the player.

To win the prize indicated by the hat, the player must land a Wild symbol on the reel over which the Hat currently appears.

During the free spins, hats appear above all reels offering even greater opportunity to win and on each new spin, a new hat is added to reel 5, so whenever you land a Wild in free spins, you are guaranteed a prize.

With free spins able to be retriggered up to 50 times, plus a chance of a 90,000 coin jackpot, the Rabbit in the Hat could leave you feeling magic this April!

Play with the bunny today at Online Casino Games UK!

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