With many online Blackjack variations available, sometimes it can be difficult to decide which one to play. Wondering what are the best Blackjack games out there? Here are our picks!


Atlantic City Blackjack

A variation that is played with 8 decks and is very similar to standard Blackjack, this is a Blackjack game with the lowest house advantage – about 0.35%.

Apart from the low house advantage, another great thing about this game is the fact that here, the dealer must stand on both hard and soft 17.

Typically, in Atlantic City Blackjack players can double down and re-split up to three times in a hand, but this rule is not necessarily applied in every online casino.

Lastly, Atlantic City Blackjack allows late Surrender – another great rule that helps players minimise their losses.


Blackjack Switch

This is an online Blackjack variant that lets players exercise their strategic skills to incredibly high levels. In Blackjack Switch the player is dealt two hands and can actually choose to swap the second cards between the hands.

To compensate for this player advantage, some other rules are altered: the Blackjack payout is 1:1 instead of 3:2 and the dealer doesn’t bust at 22 (it’s a tie). On the other hand, the house advantage is still pretty low – about 0.5% – so when it’s all summed up, Blackjack Switch is a great game for experienced players.


Double Exposure Blackjack

Instead of seeing just one card in the dealer’s hand, in Double Exposure you can see both of them! This gives the player a big strategic advantage, for which the game compensates with other drawbacks: the dealer wins all ties (except for Blackjacks), and the Blackjack pays only 1:1. Still, this game is one of the best when it comes to the player’s strategic options!


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