Alien invasions are ten-a-penny these days, especially if you spend your days immersed in Hollywood’s latest blockbuster, however you’ll need to visit your favourite Microgaming casino soon to see the latest hero, Max Damage, fend off another army of alien creatures.

The brand new slot, Max Damage, is the sequel to the popular arcade-cum-slot game Max Damage and the Alien Attack, one of the very few games that attempted to marry cash rewards with genuine arcade style gameplay.

While in the sequel the arcade skills are not required as Microgaming have reverted back to a traditional slot, there’s still plenty of the original game in this bombastic, intergalactic sequel.

From the fabulous reel symbols (all space themed of course), fabulous graphics and animations right down to the fabulous 80’s retro arcade soundtrack, this is a game which has been honed to slot perfection.

The base game sees 5 reels with 3 symbols and the big feature of note here is stacked wilds. Each reel has three stacked wilds which when landed on the reels gives the player a great chance of landing a bigger win.

Max Damage also features a bonus game, which is accessed when you land, three, four or five of the in game scatter symbols across any three reels. The bonus game sees you receive 15 free spins complete with an automatic 2x multiplier, which means anything you win on your free spins, is doubled.

Another feature in the free spins section is the Alien Spaceship scatter symbol which when landed on any of the reels, is summarily destroyed by Max Damage using his lasers. That reveals a bonus cash award, which is randomly decided from within the game (but which is not subject to the 2x multiplier).

This is an exciting, fast-paced and amusing slot which will see you battle alongside Max Damage to defeat the Alien Menace and win up to 120,000 coins.

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