Sprinkle A Little StarDust On Your Festive Slot Fun This Christmas

Everyone knows that every miracle is sprinkled with a little StarDust and what better way to spend some quality time online this festive season by enjoying a few spins on the fantastic new StarDust slot from Microgaming. The theme of the slot is, well a mix of glittering gems and galaxies in this 40-fixed payline […]

As Titans Of The Sun Go, Theia is Looking Hot this October

Part of a duo of released games under the same Titans of the Sun theme, Titans of the Sun Theia is a fantastic new slot, set for release in October by the brains at Microgaming. Theia’s brother Hyperion is the star of the other similar, but subtly different slot also set for release. Let’s begin […]

Rugby Star Slot Arrives In Time For World Cup Kick Off

Timing is one of the key elements that can make or break even the best slot, but with the World Cup starting very shortly, there could be no better time for Microgaming to release their new rugby-themed slot Rugby Star. This 5×3, 243-payline slot has none of the usual playing card low symbols but instead […]

You’ll Get A Great Reception On The New Bridesmaid Slot

Most wedding days are about the bride but as director Paul Feig’s 2011 comedy Bridesmaids showed us, the bride’s acquaintances often have plenty to say in how successful the big day turns out to be. Now you can indulge in a little wedding fever yourself thanks to Microgaming’s latest film tie in slot of the […]